Saturday, January 3, 2009

New 32 and 64 Bit Ergodex DX1 drivers

As promised a 64 bit version of the DX1 Driver and app.
This drop also includes support for multikey macros and various fixes.
Also included is the source code for the programming App, hopefully someone with more desire can build something a bit more user friendly.

This was more work than I expected, the code was easy enough to fix, but I had a somewhat subtle error in my ".inf" file that was only causing an issue on my 64 bit machine. It's also possible it was causing issues in the 32 bit version so you might want to grab the new drop.

At some point I renamed a number of classes in the application, and I don't remember if it was pre or post the last drop, that invalidated saved macros and key bindings, so you might want to delete any if you have a problem running the App.


Xilace said...

works perfectly under vista ultimate x64!

If the app doesn't work make sure you have .NET 3.5 installed. Even with latest updates I still had to go to to get it.

Pat said...

♠Thank you VERY VERY much!!!!

Barry said...

I can't thank you enough for what you have just provided. I am very crateful for your work and what you accomplished in such a short time.

Barry said...

Just coming back on to say thanks again for this. I have installed it and played around with the DX1 Utility and I must tell you even though it's in an early stage it WORKS!!! I am so excited I can't find the words to say.

Serus said...

Hey! Just found this thanks to a post on the official (though extremely censored) ergodex forums.

I just tested this app on Windows 7 Beta Build 7000, 32 bit, and it works great!

Thanks for all the hard work, it's VERY much appreciated!

Serus said...

Strangest thing, not sure if it's windows 7 or not, but I can't map the number 9 on my top row to any ergodex key. It's like it doesn't recogonize it.

I can use 9 on the numpad, but thats not the same mapping in games. I can remap it in a game as a workaround, but does anyone else have this?

Xilace said...

I had the same issue Serus. What I did was just make a quick macro for it. Had to do the same for the Esc key.

Here is a good list of the key codes you need for macros. Use the "Key Code" column

Rudeboy said...

First things first, may thanks for the driver/app Rob!

Secondly, here are few important key codes not listed on Xilace link:

160 Right Shift
161 Left Shift
162 Right Ctrl
163 Left Ctrl
164 Left Alt
165 Right Alt

Rob Povey said...

Looks like there is a bug that prevents the 9 key on the main keyboard from being recognized.

Probably a hole in my table, I'll fix it and update.

Rudeboy said...


The issue also effects the Z key. There is no hole in your table, you just need to adjust your for loop condition to be '<=' instead of only '<' in KeyProgrammer.cs.

Again, thanks for the driver and app...and especially for releasing the source. This way us amateur code jockeys and tell you real developers how it's done. lol

Rob Povey said...

Yep alrady fixed and uploaded.
Couple of stupid typos.

Geoff said...

Hello Rob, thank you, I honestly cant emphasise my gratitude enough. I was about to sell my dx on ebay and then fork out over $200 for the CH version of it, just so I could get the thing to work in vista.

If you wish to pop up a pay-pal donation button id be happy to contribute some beer money!.


Anonymous said...

cant seem to get the download to work,

can some one send it me / or upload to public file share?

Mustang said...

I wouldn't mind having a crack at a utility to go with this driver.
But you didn't provide much detail about the control codes and command packets.
I got some basic connectivity sorted.
So if you could provide more details about the above that would be great.

Rob Povey said...

The protocol for the driver is pretty simple and I've tried to encapsulate it for the most part in HardwareInterface.cs.
The short version is you call OpenDevice, Register your application with RegisterWindowForEvents (this means you'll get the data back from the driver in your windproc as a WM_DEVICECHANGE event), the data is just a raw list of any DX1 key numbers that have been set as macros.
Call SendProgramPacket with a set of byte triplets [keyTo Program, keyCodeA, keyCodeB] the codes are the HCI codes. if you send 3, 0 as the keycode it's a macro and you'll see the DX1 keycode.

You can also toggle Testmode on and off, in test code you just get the DX1 key numbers back regardless of programming, I use this for programming keys.

If you look in Form.cs for mDX1Hardware and in the Wndproc where I deal with the WM_DEVICECHANGE event you should get a good idea of what's involved.

Anonymous said...

Payed awful lot of money to find out that the suckers dont have Vista drivers (for 3 years? 0-o)

You just made my day. Really, absolutely thanks! Guys like you should be rewarded with an medal ^^

Found you from Google search. Third Link or so. Just FYI.

Heart Flame said...

You're a god.

Chaosnight said...

Im using windows 7 64bit and it works good,
and some more key codes for media.

Mute 173
Volume up 175
Volume down 174

I think this has everything in it, but its in HEX so you have to convert it. Use windows calculator to make it easy(scientific mode).

shawn said...

Thanks for the program rob, Perhaps i am just missing something but i can not for the life of me figure out how to do a multi key macro. i just need 2 keys some simple shift+numbers. I click programing, hit the dx key i want and press shift and it ends recording . i try pressing the second button key and it doesnt record a second key press. Please some help for the useless newb !

Rob Povey said...

Create a new macro (readme should cover it).
Check the "multikey macro" radio box.
Hit insert twice on the macro to add two keys. Set the first one to be shift, and the second one to be whatever. Both should be key down, the times are ignored. And the Key up's are sent when the key is released.

I'll be making another drop possibly this weekend with a minor change to multi-key macros, it probably won't affect you, but I want to make sure I'm inverting the order of the Key ups, because I'm seeing an occasional issue where WOW is registering the none modifier key down when the alt key up is sent.

Jamez said...

Damn fine work you've done here. Seriously, you've saved me manytimes over. I was one of the sod's that bought the MFP and it's app is lousy (and died on Tuesday's window's update). Time to break out the good 'ol Ergodex.

I've got yours working great with a few exceptions: It looks like it dosen't like 64bit apps. Photoshop 64bit isn't responding to the map placed in it's directory, but the 32bit version will pick it up (for application switching). Ligtroom 64bit isn't picking up its map either. Illustrator, Indesign and other 32bit apps pick their maps perfectly.

Fantastic work. Really top notch.
Thank you.

shawn said...

Thanks rob that helped me, For some reason the readme in the 32/64 bit version i got the readme doesnt load so i was at a loss there :)

not sure if this is what your talking about but im using mine for wow and notice when i use the 2 key combos they sometime "stick" the ability highlights but never triggers

Rob Povey said...

I'll take a look at the app switching code and try anf figure out if the issue is 64bit apps or something else.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your work Rob!

Ergodex has been promising a Vista Driver for ages now. Ergodex's twin, the CH board, has had Vista support forever. Its sad to think that Ergodex doesn't give a god damn about their customers.


Anonymous said...

Hi Rob,
I just want to thank you about your work on this.
I don't even have a DX1, but I was thinking to buy one until I found in what shameful condition is Ergodex - at least supporting OSes!!!
I'd like to know how much time did you spend to create these drivers (still thinking at Ergodex's answers on their forumm: "we are still working on it" sot of!) and want to suggest you to create a "donate" button for this project, maybe not for you if you don't need, but for charity at least :-)

Ciao, Gio

Rob Povey said...

It took me about a week to write the driver and about the same for the utility. But I wasn't working on it full time, it was largely a week of evenings.

I suspect the issue with Ergodex and Vista drivers is more complex than just technology.

Dominic over at did most of the hard work by reverse engineering the protocol.

I'll work on the app when it lacks features I use, or to fix other peoples issues if I can repro them locally.

ItCrashed said...

Rob - just landed one of these pads for $30 new at Fry's. No-brainer buy with your driver and app for vista64! Thanks!

giovanni said...

can you please tell me where did you buy it?

Thank you, Gio

Van said...

I haven't had a chance to try it out yet, but let me say "Thank you!" I can't believe we're still waiting for Vista drivers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing something that works so well. I believe Ergodex owes you a share of their profit. It is ridiculous that they were unable to provide their customers with something that worked with Vista and 64 bit after all this time, apprently they do not have anyone on their payroll with your skill. I believe they owe you big time. Thanks for making life good again.

Anonymous said...

I can't get editing macros to work. I go to edit the macro, the left entry box never accepts any key presses. The doc says "For macros to work the DX1.exe program must be running", what is this file as it's not contained within your driver pack. Original DX1 program from the official drivers? Also, there's no included "A-B--C" macro like mentioned in the doc.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your efforts - works great - even the automatic pgm switching behaviour on Vista x64 and no more F8 unsigned driver startups! - was one of the reasons I finally went to Vista! as for Ergodex themselves words fail me on their handling of the drivers - incompetence is just a starting point.
a BIG thanks again for doing this!

gottoon said...

Wonderful work on this. Ergodex looks a lot like many companies that had a great product. They worried more about getting it out the door quickly then trying to make it sustainable for long term. I hope they make it through their hard times and keep up the great design work they put in to the DX1.


jo said...

Thank you PolygonalHell!!!
Finally I got my Ergodex DX1,(it came from UK!) and it's perfectly working on XP64 SP2.
I don't know about the macros yet, because for now I just need regular keys (to use as shortcuts).
I was scared at the beginning when I realized that I had XP64 and your folders stated as "Vista" drivers!
But they worked at the first try.

Thank you again so much!!!

Now I just need the extra 25 keys! :-)


P.S. I already posted somewhere else on the blog, but I repost it here, 'cause this is the most recent and followed news.

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I have been waiting this ages from Ergodex.

Anonymous said...

You should get a medal - 10/10 my DX1 lives again - thankyou

TorchDragon said...

Kudos to you. I've been running off of some gnarly hacked drivers that required the Disable Signed Drivers switch every time I loaded my computer.

If you ever get out to the GDC, I owe you a beer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this!

Ioo said...

I recommend this device all the time for disabled gamers (I am the editor of and I am SO PISSED that Tim and them over at Ergodex have dropped the ball on SUCH a great product.

THANK YOU for getting these drivers out, I mean it great job.

Xavier said...

Not compatible with non-US keyboard :-/

Rob Povey said...

The none US keyboard issue should be limited to the programming app if anyone wants to add international keyboard support.

You'd probably just have to change
InitKeyPairConversionTable, it's a mapping of Keycodes to scan codes.

You can find a list of scan codes in appendix C of this doc.

Rob Povey said...

Shanesta said...

Hey man I really want to thank you for making this, it is sad that there is still no official support.
I have it working with single keys, but I can't get a macro to work at all.

I'm just trying to press 2, 4, and then 1. I added 3 actions like...
Time 0, key down. Key Code 3
Time 100, key down. Key Code 5
Time 200, key down. Key Code 2.
I bound this macro to a key, but when I press it, it does nothing.
Any idea whay this doesnt work?

Rob Povey said...

You need to use virtual key codes for macros So 3 5 2 would be codes 51 53 50.

You should also send Key Up commands, or you'll run into problems in most apps.

spaceman said...

Rob! Fantastic job! Ergodex have made a fantastic bit of hardware we all love and you have extended it's lifecycle by coding drivers for the latest OS. We all owe you a debt of gratitude, thanks man.

Skafölix said...

hmm... can't get it to work!
The driver installs just fine, but when I try to use your compiled app nothing happens. I can press the Program button but it does just nothing.
When I load up the Solution in VS and start debugging the green & red lights come up shortly then nothing happens. If I give focus to another application the green & red lights come up again shortly and the green one stays a little longer than the red one. That's it, can't get more out of it. =( The WM_DEVICECHANGE message seems to never get fired by the DX-1.
Any ideas?

Skafölix said...

Oh, and I'm on Vista 32bit SP2.

ck said...

You my friend are a Legend!!! I Thank You very much from the bottom of my heart.Also this just proved what i have been saying all along that Ergodex did not want to give us drivers not because they cant because they dont want too.

Im suing this for Windows7 64,works Perfectly

Rob Povey said...

The fact the lights are changing implies the driver is working.
In the programming app both lights should be on, when it looses focus only the green one should be on.
In the app you should be able to press the program button (nothing will happen) press a key in the DX1 and a key on the keyboard to assign the key.

The app is a little bit of a pain to debug, because of the focus change stuff. I usually just disable it and stick it in the mode I'm interested in.

Eric Stevenson said...

Thank you so much! I've been holding off on Vista/7 because I didn't want to lose the use of my DX1.

Anonymous said...

Recently bought and installed Windows 7 and am an avid WoW player who cannot play without using the DX1. I was absolutely overjoyed to find this site and your wonderful little program. Thank you so much!

Using the 64 bit Vista driver and app.

Rich said...

Thanks so much for this! I found this page this morning from a Google search. I immediately composed macros for all 50 keys on my DX1 but the left column has no scroll bar so I can't see which macros are assigned to all the buttons. Am I missing something obvious? Thanks again.

Daniel said...

Thank you very much for the excellent driver!

Jaffai said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the driver!!

Any idea when will a Windows 7 64 bit driver be ready? even just a beta?

Thank you again!

jo said...

They ARE ready!!!
I use my DX1 with Win7 without problems.
It was even easier that with Win XP 64bit.
The device was immediately recognized by the system! :-)

Ciao, Gio

Anonymous said...


Thank you! Now I can go ahead with my new PC! :)

Troi Miller said...

I have had great success getting this to work for wow except for the tab key. for some reason, my macro file saved the key as 88, when I change and it and re-save, it keeps setting it back to 88 when it loads.

I have a very complicated set of keys and would hate to start over. any idea why it insists on not remembering I saved with a different value?

Ryan said...

Thank you for making this program. I just installed it under Vista 32 and it works just fine! Finally I can use my DX1 in that operating system. I have Windows 7 still in the box because I wasn't very excited about installing it without having the use of my DX1, but now I have something to look forward to. I might even be willing to say goodbye to XP if this all works out! This is soooo appreciated!

Kosmic Kreations said...

I can't seem to get LOTRO, Lord of the Rings Online, to recognize the SHIFT/ALT and CTRL + 1-= keys strokes. For example if I program SHIFT+1 then in the chat box I do get a "!". But it will not tigger the SHIFT+1 toolbar entry. Any help?

stoneyface said...

omfg you are my hero! i just posted this at the ergodex forums and will have to see how long before you get a flood of supremely grateful ergodex users who have been snubbed by the ergodex coding staff!

Anonymous said...

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Masi said...

Thanks for your great work. It has been a process of trial and error, but I am finally getting my multikey macros to work :) (int. keyboard).

Now I ran into a new challence. I have 50 keys on my ergodex, but the list has only 30 lines. So, if you make any updates to the application at some point, a scroll bar would be appreciated.

An ability to enter the macros with real key presses (instead of codes) would also be nice ;)

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Anyone aware of how to get this to load in command line? I want the driver to load a profile automatically when windows starts.

also, thus far in Battlefield Bad company 2 i CANNOT get the program to recognize the "enter" key when assigned to a dx1 key. Not sure why as it worked in Bf2.

Key is being defined as 88 when programmed

Kristi said...

HELP! I installed the drivers just fine (using vista 64 drivers for Win7 64bit), and the program runs. The green light shows on my ergodex, I can press the "Program" button just fine, but no red light ever comes on and I can't program it. :(

Any suggestions? Been waiting years hoping my 150 dollar paperweight would be useful again!

Cres said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

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Betty_Swallocks said...

This is a fantastic bit of work rob. Thank you very much. I love using my ergodex and held off upgrading to Vista for ages because I didn't want to lose the use of it. Now I have W7 and I can still use my controller.

It's fairly clear why we haven't had any new drivers for Vista and W7 from Ergodex. They used us as beta testers and then sold the technology on to CH. It was probably a condition of the licencing that Ergodex stopped supporting us so that we'd all go and buy the much more expensive CH thing.

Personally I'm disgusted, not only by the way they've treated us but especially by the nazi forum moderation. Anything that isn't singing the praises of the company gets deleted within hours.

As much as I love my controller I'll never buy anything else that they've had a hand in.

Steve said...

Dude, you kick ass! I've tried many peripherals to improve my gaming experience and am still of the opinion that the ergodex is very much at the top of the list. I recently had to replace my wife's pc (she also uses a DX1, of course!) and was more or less forced to embrace windows7, but was very worried about getting the ergo to run. I am happy to say that your solution works perfectly! Thanks again - as one of the previous posts suggested, get a paypal account; I would love to donate some pizza & beer money for your efforts (ok ok, maybe sushi and sake).

Jay said...

Thanks Rob. Great work. Just a quick question about creating macros. I can't seem to get a timed macro to work. I need to create a macro with the letters Q, E, backslash and space. Do I need to check the scan code box when using codes 81,69, 220 and 32 respectively?

Anoxia said...

I re-read your scan code post and added the key up timings. Works like a champ now although I had trouble with the E key for some reason. Thanks again for not turning the DX1 into a legacy item.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! I had all but given up hope that my beloved Erogdex was destined for the bit scrap bin in the sky. I'm ecstatic to be able to use it again! Thank you!

Dan H said...

You have done what Ergodex doesn't seem to want to be bothered with - getting their own product to work! I installed you driver on a new Win 7 machine - 32bit - and it worked the first time! Can't thank you enough!!

Dave said...

I must say, that I've been using these 64 bit drivers for the past 6 months, and everything is flawless! Awesome work on the drivers. I also modified your app code to be a bit more user friendly with some extra features. I'll see if I can get it online for others.

Mozleron said...

I have been using this package since February on Windows 7 x64, and they have been working great.

One of these days i'll get around to messing with the UI application and try to turn it into something a little more akin to the original.

I find it INCREDIBLY sad that Ergodex has abandoned their user base, and seems completely uninterested in selling more of their great product. If they're going to be so cavalier about their success, then it would be great if they just released their old code into the wild so the rest of us can actually do something with it.

Chibi Neku said...

Hi there. I am one of the Vista 32bit users who thought there were readily available third party drivers and software available only to get the DX1 and find that the files have been removed from the relevant fileshare sites! So I hunted around and found the drivers and app you made and I've had some success but I can't seem to record any multi key macros. When I load the app, I can open the Edit Macros panel but can't actually enter anything in the table. Is there something I'm not doing?

I really appreciate that there are independent developers doing this work free for the good of the community and that Ergodex should be getting their fingers out and doing themselves. Many thanks, and I apologise that I post to bring you problems.

Anonymous said...

Use Insert key to edit multikey macros, Chibi.

Gregg said...

Great driver! 1 question: How do I re-assign a key?

Anonymous said...

Will there be an update to this realease to support win 7 ultimate 64bit?

Christopher said...

Wow, you are a godsend. Thank you so much for this. Been using my DX1 since 2006, its still going strong, except I just got 64bit win7 now...

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Gutrot said...

Damn finally I can use the DX1, Thank you!

Josh said...

Guys, here is a list of converted Scancodes that work in Rob's Macro Editor (make sure you have the "Scancodes" checkbox selected). Note: The number following each equals "=" sign is the actual Scancode that you need to enter into the Macro Editor for that particular key.

Key ESCAPE = 1
Key 1 = 2
Key 2 = 3
Key 3 = 4
Key 4 = 5
Key 5 = 6
Key 6 = 7
Key 7 = 8
Key 8 = 9
Key 9 = 10
Key 0 = 11
Key MINUS (on main keyboard) = 12
Key EQUALS = 13
Key BACK ( backspace ) = 14
Key TAB = 15
Key Q = 16
Key W = 17
Key E = 18
Key R = 19
Key T = 20
Key Y = 21
Key U = 22
Key I = 23
Key O = 24
Key P = 25
Key RETURN ( Enter on main keyboard ) = 28
Key A = 30
Key S = 31
Key D = 32
Key F = 33
Key G = 34
Key H = 35
Key J = 36
Key K = 37
Key L = 38
Key GRAVE ( accent grave ) = 41
Key LSHIFT = 42
Key Z = 44
Key X = 45
Key C = 46
Key V = 47
Key B = 48
Key N = 49
Key M = 50
Key COMMA = 51
Key PERIOD ( . on main keyboard ) = 52
Key SLASH ( / on main keyboard ) = 53
Key RSHIFT = 54
Key MULTIPLY ( * on numeric keypad ) = 55
Key LMENU ( left Alt ) = 56
Key SPACE = 57
Key CAPITAL = 58
Key F1 = 59
Key F2 = 60
Key F3 = 61
Key F4 = 62
Key F5 = 63
Key F6 = 64
Key F7 = 65
Key F8 = 66
Key F9 = 67
Key F10 = 68
Key NUMLOCK = 69
Key SCROLL ( Scroll Lock ) = 70
Key NUMPAD7 = 71
Key NUMPAD8 = 72
Key NUMPAD9 = 73
Key SUBTRACT ( - on numeric keypad ) = 74
Key NUMPAD4 = 75
Key NUMPAD5 = 76
Key NUMPAD6 = 77
Key ADD ( + on numeric keypad ) = 78
Key NUMPAD1 = 79
Key NUMPAD2 = 80
Key NUMPAD3 = 81
Key NUMPAD0 = 82
Key DECIMAL ( . on numeric keypad ) = 83
Key F11 = 87
Key F12 = 88

Key F13 (NEC PC98) = 100
Key F14 (NEC PC98) = 101
Key F15 (NEC PC98) = 102

Key KANA (Japanese keyboard) = 112
Key CONVERT (Japanese keyboard) = 121
Key NOCONVERT (Japanese keyboard) = 123
Key YEN (Japanese keyboard) = 125
Key NUMPADEQUALS ( = on numeric keypad (NEC PC98) ) = 141
Key CIRCUMFLEX (Japanese keyboard) = 144
Key AT (NEC PC98) = 145
Key COLON (NEC PC98) = 146
Key UNDERLINE (NEC PC98) = 147
Key KANJI (Japanese keyboard) = 148
Key STOP (NEC PC98) = 149
Key AX (Japan AX) = 150
Key UNLABELED (J3100) = 151
Key NUMPADENTER ( Enter on numeric keypad ) = 156
Key RCONTROL = 157
Key NUMPADCOMMA ( , on numeric keypad (NEC PC98) = 179
Key DIVIDE ( / on numeric keypad ) = 181
Key SYSRQ = 183
Key RMENU ( right Alt ) = 184
Key HOME ( Home on arrow keypad ) = 199
Key UP ( UpArrow on arrow keypad ) = 200
Key PRIOR ( PgUp on arrow keypad ) = 201
Key LEFT ( LeftArrow on arrow keypad ) = 203
Key RIGHT ( RightArrow on arrow keypad ) = 205
Key END ( End on arrow keypad ) = 207
Key DOWN ( DownArrow on arrow keypad ) = 208
Key NEXT ( PgDn on arrow keypad ) = 209
Key INSERT ( Insert on arrow keypad ) = 210
Key DELETE ( Delete on arrow keypad ) = 211
Key LWIN ( Left Windows key ) = 219
Key RWIN ( Right Windows key ) = 220
APPS ( AppMenu key ) = 221

Rob mentioned that scancodes tend to be more compatible with various programs, which is why he added the ability to use them. So if you're having any issues with the standard VKey codes, you should give these a try.

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zopheus said...

Thanks so much for the DX1 drivers!

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Patrick V Hines said...

Do you have any issues with me modifying and releasing this for free? I plan to user-friendly it up.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say a huuuge thanks for writing these drivers, now my DX1 is not a fancy paperweight anymore.

I'm having a small problem with a macro if anyone can help. I need the up arrow key in a macro. The scancode is supposed to be 200 but when I use that (Scancode is checked) it outputs the number 8.

Anyone know what the correct code for arrow up is? I tried using normal vk codes with scancodes checked off, but then my game doesnt recognize anything.

Anonymous said...

In the original software you could map one key like "A" to when you pressed a DX1 key, then send another key like "B" when you released the DX1 key. So you'd get A when you pressed the key and B when you released the key, no matter how long you held down the DX1 key.

Is there any way to do this now?


Anonymous said...

im running windoes 7. ive dl the 64bit driver and the dx1 does work. BUT the macros do not. Any solutions?

Earthworm said...

I have taken the time to make some enhancements to the application interface. I have posted the new version on a page at:

It is still a work-in-progress so please use the issue submission to let me know of any issues. Code will be uploaded soon to that site for others that may wish to help.

Thank you Rob for the original driver and interface, you saved my DX1!!!

Jesse said...

Hey Rob, like everyone else, I thank you for the effort. I've only got a question, hopefully you can help. I've ran everything but the keys won't register, I'm looking to use the ergodex for photoshop and I can configure them but when in photoshop they won't work. If anyone else can help it would be appreciated as well.

Earthworm said...


If you would like, please try my driver at, if you have problems with it, please post OS version and specific issues int he discussion forum linked on the left of the project and I will see what I can do about helping out.

Anonymous said...

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